Build a Book Marketing Strategy Around Your Strengths

Effective book marketing is all about building a long-term strategy. If you try to do it all, you will burn yourself out and end up not doing any marketing. However, if you build a book marketing strategy around your strengths, you will be more excited about marketing and more likely to continue your plan.  

Here are three areas to consider when creating your book marketing strategy.  


Yes, you are all writers, so I understand you do enjoy it. But if you are someone who cringes at the idea of speaking to readers at a book convention, giving a presentation at a library or interacting with readers on social media, you may want to consider focusing your energies on writing. There is a lot of ways you can market your books through writing.  

  • Magazine writing
    Writing for magazines can be a fantastic way to get yourself in front of readers. It positions you as an expert, provides credibility, connects you with readers and if your pitch to the right ones, you will get paid as well. Most magazines have tens of thousands of subscribers. If your article resonates with a reader, they will see your bio (with a link to your website) that includes the books you’ve published, at the end of the piece. If they really enjoyed your article, they may look you up or even reach out to you.
  • Blogging
    This is another way to use your writing skills. You can either start your own blog or be a guest blogger on an already established site. Think about your Ideal Reader and what blogs they would read. Then reach out to that blogger and tell them why you would be a good guest and give them a few topics you could write about. At the end of any blog, include links to your books.  

Speaking & Teaching

If you love being in front of an audience, this is a great marketing option for you. It connects you with readers, builds trust, positions you as an expert (if you write nonfiction) and provides a way to either sell your book or at least provide information about your book to the audience. If you write nonfiction you can speak or teach about the topic of your book or for fiction, think about any research you had to do for your novel, topics in your book or being a writer.  

Places to consider speaking & teaching: 

  • Conferences (online and in person) 
  • Online courses 
  • Local libraries 
  • Writing organizations 
  • Other organizations (Rotary, Elks, business groups…) 


Do you look forward to being on your favorite social media site/s each day? If so, consider focusing your time and energy on creating connections with your readers through your social media platforms. You don’t have to be on all of them, find the one or ones that you like the most and go with those. One key to being successful on social media is to be consistent and interact with your readers. Plus create content that allows the readers to get to know you.  

Ideas for fun social media events you can host: 

  • Happy Hour 
  • Interview another author 
  • Do a reading from your book 
  • Giveaways 
  • Q&A with you 
  • Facebook Live 

If you center your book marketing strategy around activities you enjoy doing, you will be more excited about marketing and will stick with it.  


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